Thicc Mix Houseplant Soil - Chunky, well draining substrate - 2.5L Bags

Thicc Mix Houseplant Soil - Chunky, well draining substrate - 2.5L Bags

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Is the soil of your moss pole pot always too wet?

We've worked to develop this extremely well draining houseplant soil substrate mix which will allow all the excess water that drips off your moss pole to leave the planter, preventing root rot. This mix combines all the ingredients you need to keep your aroid happy into one neat package, so you don't have to source them all yourself!

Our calibrated soil packs contain:

  • Peat-free compost/coco coir blend - contains nutrients and holds moisture
  • Seaweed fertiliser - contains nutrients to get your plant growing right away
  • Bark - aeration and movement (important for big roots)
  • Pumice stone, loads of it! - holds the oxygen that your roots need, helps drainage
  • LECA clay balls - more drainage!
  • Charcoal - soaks up excess water, and is the "cleaner" of the substrate
  • Coconut husk - holds moisture

This substrate mix is suitable for all kinds of tropical houseplants and aroids, including Monsteras, Alocasias, Philodendrons, and more! As the mix is very chunky, it may not be suited for very small nursery plants with young root systems. Allow your plant babies some time to grow in compost before moving them to this big-boy mix. 

This 2.5L (about half a gallon) bag is enough to fill 2 of our 15 cm Aroid Tower Pots, or a single 18 cm pot.

The soil is sourced and packaged by Plant Apothecary (our plant care witch) in non-PET, reusable, recyclable, resealable bags adorned with an untreated paper sticker that is also recyclable. We highly encourage you to reuse this bag.

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  • 100% renewable, bio-sourced PLA

    All our moss poles are made of PLA, a 100% bio-sourced plastic made of renewable resources such as corn or sugar cane. PLA is also biodegradable and it can be composted.


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