Why are moss poles good for your plants?

Why are moss poles good for your plants?

Why does your plant need a moss pole?

Indoor gardeners use moss poles to try to mimic the conditions climbing plants such as monsteras naturally thrive in.

This is the main reason why moss poles are a good idea: they create an environment that is similar to the one the plants would have in the wild.

Vertical support

Vertical support through a moss pole like ours can help a plant be more stable, supporting it as it grows upwards. It also helps provide stability for leaves and roots. 

Aerial roots

By giving the roots somewhere to grow into, you will be encouraging the growth of aerial roots. In some plants, this can lead to bigger and glossier leaves. Aerial roots will usually start to appear soon after your moss pole assembly is done - you will see them growing into the pole. 


Moss poles create a humid and moist environment for your plant to thrive in. Humidity is one of the factors that greatly influences leaf size and plant maturity, so make sure you keep your moss pole hydrated. (Lighting is another important factor, so make sure you place your moss pole in an appropriate location). 


A moss pole can help with micronutrients, ensuring your plant gets access to higher quality micronutrients in a more extensive way. This is achieved as using a moss support means the plant will have better contact with the nutrient-dense moss and the soil itself. 

Bigger leaves 

Humidity, aerial roots, micronutrients, mimicking a more natural environment - these are some of the reasons why using a moss pole can push your plant into pushing out bigger and healthier leaves.

Modular design encourages growth

Moss poles can be designed to be modular, meaning that they will grow with your plants.

A tried and proven sturdy design, our moss poles have a unique screw connection allows this moss pole to be endlessly extended as your plant grows.


We may be biased, but we think a well designed moss pole is a thing of beauty! 

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