Order FAQ

Can I order a pole in a specific colour not on the site?

Yes! Send us a message if you want a specific type of colour, and we will try to source the filament. Please note that custom colours may add time to the printing process, and it may be that the colour you want is not available in the same strong materials we choose to print our moss poles in.

How long will it take for my order to ship out?

We print everything to order! This means we don't keep a wasteful stock of product that have not yet been ordered. Instead, our little 3D printers start jiggling once you've placed your order, and within 1-2 weeks your order is ready to ship (can be a bit longer if we've gotten many orders going).

How does VAT and sales tax work?

We don't charge you VAT when you make your purchase. This keeps the price low, as many countries have a threshold after which VAT must be paid for imports. It does, however, mean that you will need to pay VAT if your countries customs office requests it of you, usually notified through the shipping company.

Product FAQ

What soil do you recommend using with your moss poles?

To fill your pot or planter, you can use your favourite soil mix, one best suited to the plant you are potting. We have developed our own mixture of regular potting soil, mixed with chunkifying supplements such as perlite, bark, pumice, and clay balls (Leca). The important factor to consider is the additional moisture that will be dripping into your plant with the frequent watering of the pole. A well draining soil mix, and a pot that allows the excess water to be removed, are essential.

What can I fill my moss pole with?

Cleaned and hydrated sphagnum moss (our fave), moss sheet, or hemp fibre.

How can I clean and reuse my moss pole?

As everything can be taken apart easily without tools, you just need to be careful to remove any traces of old organic material that could contaminate your new plant to be potted. We suggest using lukewarm (not HOT) water with a mild dish soap to scrub down the plastic parts.

PLA+ is biodegradable. How long will my moss pole last?

PLA+ will biodegrade over time, given water and light. However, it requires a high temperature as well to make the decomposition fast. As long as kept out of direct sunlight, your moss pole should last a few years at the least.

How do I prevent my moss pole from falling over?

No matter how stable your anchor, your moss pole will eventually be so top heavy with all the moss and plant weight that you will need additional support. Use a wall bracket, lean the pole against a wooden frame, hang it from the ceiling with a wire, or use some other external helper.