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D-shaped moss pole design upgrade deep dive

We redesigned our D-shaped moss poles after several months of testing. While we were happy with the initial design, we knew we could do better. After testing our improvements in our product lab, we are very excited to be able to launch this new and improved design, plus we also created an exclusive artist-designed D-shaped pole, the Barbara (more details on that below).

What we wanted to improve

Assembly was our top priority. We really want to make our moss poles beginner-friendly, so we were super keen to improve on our first version to make this moss pole even easier to put together. At the same time, we also wanted to see if we could be even more efficient about the ways in which we used our materials.

What we made better - moss pole upgrade

The D-shaped moss pole's honeycomb pattern became slightly more dense with the new design, making it more rigid. 

The central backbone to the pole was redesigned, removing the unnecessary water channel, which was limiting the strength and ease of use.

In addition to the exclusive new Monstera design of the new Barbara D-shaped moss pole, we also reworked the following in both D-shaped poles:

  • Assembly is easier: parts simply snap together (see video below for assembly instructions)
  • Stiffness, pole holds shape and weight better
  • Material reduction so we can be more efficient
  • Faster production so that the poles spend less time in the workshop!

What we love about our semi cylindrical moss towers

One of their best features is the generous volume of moss they hold, making it a very hydrated and welcoming environment for plant growth. This also means less frequent watering, so less maintenance. 

There is loads of room for playful designs and patterns with these wider moss trellis shapes.

The clear plastic backing is another feature that we really love, as it allows us to supervise root growth, and makes it very easy to pick a section for chop and prop:

The story behind the Barbara 

Drawn by artist Ana Belén, the patterned trellis of the Barbara pole is a testament to the power of the organic form of the Monstera. Its name is a nod to Ana's mother and other formidable women out there.





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