How to select your moss pole colour?

How to select your moss pole colour?

What moss pole colour works for you?

Since we launched, we have often consulted with our customers on how to select the right moss pole colour for them. It's often a mixture of factors that lead to people going down a certain route, so here are some ideas to help you make that all-important moss pole colour choice!

Consider your decor

Is your place minimalist or maximalist? How many other colours have you got around your home? Your general interior design style will probably help guide you a certain way.

Moss pole positioning

Think about the immediate vicinity of the moss pole: is it up against a wall, or near a sofa? What other colours are going to be around it? A moss pole can even help pick out decor and design details, but it can be hard to see the complete 'vision' until you have your pole in position.

Moss pole not working for you? Try moving it - though keep plant health in mind when doing this!

Matching planter energy

Unless you are going for one of our integrated planters, you might struggle to get a 'perfect' match between moss pole and planter.

Our advice? Agree on a general colour tone or style for your planters (at least the ones in the same room), making it easier to match moss poles.

At the same time, a clash between plant support and planter can also look quite cool. Probably the hardest thing to match are heavily patterned planters, they are probably best served by choosing a moss pole that picks up on a colour already present in the planter design, or then a totally neutral black or white moss pole.

What matches your plant?

Funnily enough, it's not just green! Despite our perennially popular olive green pole being our biggest seller, we have actually found that certain colours such as pinks and yellows can help pick out those variegated tones in your leaves.

You might be surprised by what works with your plant, here are some ones we have tried and tested:

  • Monstera dubia looks great on Honeycomb Yellow
  • Pink Princess is a no-brainer with any of our pinks
  • Thai constellation and albo variegations look great with White or Grey
  • Monstera adansonii looks great with Latte, Black, White
  • Pine Green and our Blues are a great match for dark, glossy, and velvety leaves.


Sometimes colours just speak to you, and you may have a personal, totally non-decor reason to pick that colour.

We’re already offering a wide range of moss pole colours from pink and red to neon blue and yellow for those who prefer something more vibrant as opposed to the traditional greens or muted tones. We totally get that sometimes you want to experiment and express yourself.

If there is a colour you love, but have not seen on our moss poles yet, send us a message :)

Deciding on a good moss pole colour will depend on your plants, your decor, your taste. We have a mixture of both vibrant moss poles and muted tones in our home and we feel that they provide a nice mixture 💚🧡💙


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