New planter design - meet our moss pole planter

New planter design - meet our moss pole planter

We are excited to announce our new product: our planters integrated with built-in moss poles.  Our all-original design is ready for the first round of testing, be sure to take part! This moss pole pot/planter has been created around the following specifications....

moss pole planter blue and pink with plants on a table

Our moss pole planter features

  • 1.8 L soil volume (16cm/6.5" nursery pot equivalent).
  • Drainage holes to encourage the rapid drainage of excess water. A design with slots on the sides + mesh underneath will ensure you do not overwater your plant while keeping your moss humid. 
  • Catch water dish with rubber feet, innovative non-slip design to help your planter sit pretty!
  • Centred pole helps keep your plant from tipping as it gets taller. Firm moss pole support, always centred in the pot.

 moss pole planter in hot pink with wooden plate


  • Wick watering of moss ready (optional)
  • Light-weight! Because you just know that adding damp moss will already be a strain for your shelves.
  • Mix and match colours, switch out extensions, grow the pole as you need with all our moss pole add-ons.

olive green moss pole planer with wooden plate and moss pole behind

And as always, our products are 100% bio-sourced, biodegradable, and/or recyclable! 




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