Stake vs Anchor base moss pole - Choose your base

Stake vs Anchor base moss pole - Choose your base

Confused whether to go for a stake or an anchor base for your moss poleStability is essential for creating a good plant pole set-up, especially if you’re aiming high with your plants! Here is how to select the right moss pole set-up for you.

Depends on whether you are repotting or not

While repotting with a new moss pole provides maximum stability, that’s not always going to be practical.

We know that repotting can be a delicate and arduous process, and it is not a good idea to disturb the roots unless it is the right time for it… So, you can choose between our unique anchor base design or a stake at the end of your moss pole.

  • Repotting? Use our unique pot base for maximum stability, allowing you to bury the moss pole deep into the soil.

  • Adding the pole to an established potted plant? Use our stake design when you do not want to repot your plant to bury the moss pole, but would rather just add the moss pole to a planter without disturbing to roots!


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