The story behind our new moss pole venture!

The story behind our new moss pole venture!

Meet Mythos3Design - plant care can be beautiful

Welcome to our little haven where we design, print, and send you carefully crafted plant care items - all from our home in Hove. We love to design and develop new products to help you create fresh, stylish, and practical spaces.

We started Mythos3Design in the hope of developing our modular moss pole products, and so far we are pleased with the feedback!

We love to create new plant accessories

Everything we make is printed to order and lovingly handmade with our at-home 3D printer, so there may be slight variations to our products. This is just a standard feature of them being produced this way, and we love the fact that every piece is unique and made-to-order.

This means we can also customise and personalise orders, and we are also able to quickly develop new products, going through prototyping and testing phases in rapid succession. 

Sustainable choices are key

We strive to employ materials that are in line with our love of plants. PLA+, the main raw material for our prints, is a 100% bio-sourced plastic: it’s made of renewable resources such as corn or sugar cane. PLA is also biodegradable and it can be composted. PETG is another 100% recyclable material used in our products.

We also only print on demand, so there’s no in inventory wastage, and we try to recycle our packing materials wherever we can. Our instructions are digital and we don’t overdo it with branded materials, only including a typewritten note. For gift packaging, we’re considering our options, possibly reusing fabric materials?

Meet the moss pole team

David is our Designer and 3D Printing Expert. David is a Mechanical Design Engineer with over 6 years of industry experience. Fun fact: David speaks Spanish and lived in Mexico City for 12 years. 

Kayleigh is a marketer, content writer, and tech entrepreneur. She loves exploring the wonderful world of books and languages. Fun fact: Kayleigh is a big fan of cacti and was born in Finland.

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