Why did we create a D-shaped moss pole?

Why did we create a D-shaped moss pole?

Why did we design an alternative moss pole?

Very soon after we launched our modular moss pole design that mimics a traditional coir moss pole, we created a D-shaped moss pole. In this moss pole, the open face measures 12.5 cm wide and the plant pole itself is 30 cm tall in total. 

Why did we design it this way?

Well, firstly, some plants just fit better into this more semi-cylindrical plank shape. Vine growing plants are quite flexible, and are able to wrap around a slim tree or pole to maximize light absorption from many directions. Other plants have a thicker stem, and push leaves out facing a single direction (towards the light), with the aerial root growth protruding towards the rear.

You may have experienced having to rotate your plants to prevent them from leaning too heavily in a single direction, here we pre-empt that by aligning the forward facing leaves in a single direction.

Preferences depending on plants

Some plant owners prefer this aesthetic, the leaves, and growth this type of moss pole encourages in their plants. We have put our own prized Monstera Dubia into one of these moss planks and it is thriving (see below).

Organic shape and materials

There’s something very organic about the shape of this moss pole, especially from the front. The honeycomb style pattern soothes the eyes and is an attractive, as well as a smart, plant care choice.

The front and joints are made of PLA, and the backing is PETG. PLA is a 100% bio-sourced plastic: it’s made of renewable resources such as corn or sugar cane. PLA is also biodegradable and it can be composted. PETG is a 100% reusable material.

Extra hydration due to moss plank design

The biggest advantage of this design over the traditional cylindrical shape is the capacity for moisture retention: the back of the moss pole is fully enclosed, thus limiting evaporation. The large trellised surface area of the front allows plenty of real estate for your plants to dig in with their aerial roots.

The transparent curved back allows you to supervise root growth, and the watering aid will help you distribute moisture more evenly along the modules.

Easy to handle

This moss pole can be shipped "flat", making it easy to ship and pack, which helps us keep costs low, and makes it extra practical for us and our customers.

Allows for further growth

This pole can be extended as your plant grows, simply add another 30 cm module every time you run out of space! Just like all our modular moss pole designs, we created this product to help your plants thrive. 

There’s definitely room for all different styles and shapes of moss poles in our home. We keep thinking of new ideas and love testing them on our plant babies, seeing what they like the most 💚🌱🌿


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