Why we are 3D printing our moss poles

Why we are 3D printing our moss poles

We see a lot of benefits that come with creating our 3D printed moss poles, from sustainable production to creative freedom. Here are some of the reasons why we are using 3D printing to create our plant products!

Control of production

We like the idea of being able to produce our moss poles from home, fully controlling production. That means that we know where our materials are sourced from, how the products are manufactured, how the staff are treated (!), and how the products pass through quality control.

By trying and testing things ourselves and creating our own manufacturing system using 3D printing, we can be sure of the quality of our products.

Creative freedom

We can experiment with colours and materials much faster using a 3D printer than with more traditional manufacturing methods. We can experiment and come up with new design concepts without any production delays or expensive administrative costs. Using 3D printing allows us to be flexible and creative and we can test out new materials as soon as they are available, there is no "production backlog".

Rapid prototyping

We can constantly iterate and improve on designs: an engineer's dream! When we get a new product idea, all we have to do is to go over to our printer and get printing. We are constantly launching new products and accessories for our moss poles, and this is only possible due to the flexibility of our production methods.

Almost no waste

The way in which we print our moss poles is designed to create very little waste. Other than the occasional failed print and testing new products, we can guarantee a very low waste manufacturing process. We use sustainable production means and materials wherever we can, and low waste and low impact ecommerce is important to us.

Efficiency passed on to the customer

Because things are done in a lean way, we do not need to charge exorbitant prices. We can be agile and react to the market, and we do not have masses of stock that we will suddenly need to "off-load" onto the market. 

Made-to-order and customisation

All our orders are made-to-order, minimising wastage. Our 3D printing allows us to be flexible with our production: we can create custom orders and even design completely one-off products and features.  

Quality control

There are some misconceptions around 3D printing being "cheap" or DIY, but we have honed our 3D printing skills over the years to counteract this myth. In the hands of an experienced mechanical design engineer with manufacturing experience, 3D printing is a powerful and agile way to create beautiful plant products. 


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