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Koto - The Moss Habitat

Koto - The Moss Habitat

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This versatile moss cradle will hold the substrate for your next verdant vision.

Hang a Staghorn on your wall, sit a collection of orchids on your bookshelf, or display your favourite crawlers in the centre of your table - the possibilities are limitless. A light yet sturdy design, this moss cage will come together with just a twist, the only tools you'll need will be a Phillips screwdriver to attach the legs, included as an option. Use Koto as a horizontal table top moss cradle, a stunning plant centrepiece, or wall mount it for a truly unique piece of plant art.

What you get:

- Moss frame, in a selection of sizes and colours

- Mesh cover, with a twist to lock design

- Leg kit, which includes 4 self-threading screws for plastics

"One of the best products you can own for orchids and ferns, especially for renters. I was determined to have a staghorn but wall mountings are a big no-no, so when this popped up it wasn't even up for debate".

Make sure you allow excess water to drain after hydrating your moss, to prevent accidental water damage to your surroundings. Hydrated moss provides a rise in humidity to its environment, something to keep in mind when selecting a display location.

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    If you're not happy with your plant's new best friend for any reason, you can return any time in 30 days.

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  • 100% renewable, bio-sourced PLA

    All our moss poles are made of PLA, a 100% bio-sourced plastic made of renewable resources such as corn or sugar cane. PLA is also biodegradable and it can be composted.


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