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Tupa - The Moss Habitat

Tupa - The Moss Habitat

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The plant picture frame, mini moss habitat that will let you display your favourite wall-flower (or any other wall hugging plant) just about anywhere.

Hang a Staghorn on your wall, sit a collection of orchids on your bookshelf, or display your favourite crawlers in the centre of your table - the possibilities are limitless. This lightweight, versatile box slides together with a snap. Use fishing line to create an invisible hanger.

 The front mesh allows the roots of your plant to be teased through, while the back glides open to make filling the Tupa with moss and/or your chunky substrate easy. The frame can be hung on the wall, dangled by a thin line, or sit on its little feet on any surface.

Make sure you allow excess water to drain after hydrating your moss, to prevent accidental water damage to your surroundings, as the product is not water-tight. Hydrated moss provides a rise in humidity to its environment, something to keep in mind when selecting a display location.

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    If you're not happy with your plant's new best friend for any reason, you can return any time in 30 days.

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  • 100% renewable, bio-sourced PLA

    All our moss poles are made of PLA, a 100% bio-sourced plastic made of renewable resources such as corn or sugar cane. PLA is also biodegradable and it can be composted.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sindy M.
Adore it!

I absolutely adore both of my Tupa moss habitats! It's such an easy way to grow orchids and mine have been thriving ever since! It also looks wayy better than a pot

Koto's little sibling!

As easy to use and just as versatile as the Koto, Tupa's currently home to my very juvenile Staghorn (Koto's housing a much larger one) and doing a wonderfully good job with it!

Easy to water, easy to place (the 15cm x 10cm dimensions mean there's no excuse for it, really) and just a really fantastic bit of kit for everyone looking at an alternative way of planting something up. Going to trial my next ones with orchids and trailing plants 💚