The ultimate holiday gift list for plant parents - gift guide for green thumbs

The ultimate holiday gift list for plant parents - gift guide for green thumbs

The holiday season is upon us, and if you're on the hunt for the perfect gifts for the plant enthusiasts in your life, look no further.

Whether they're seasoned green thumbs or just starting to cultivate their indoor jungle, these carefully curated products are sure to delight any plant parent.

From stylish planters to high-tech gadgets, here are some easy and practical gift ideas, with a few quirky wild cards thrown in. Plus, we've included ideas that will work with all budgets with examples from lovely independent and small businesses. 

Potting Mats

A great, practical present that will make the messy work of re-potting plants that much easier! A potting mat is a useful tool for any indoor gardener, and as a present, there is a pretty endless array of designs and prints to choose from. Check out Etsy for some ideas - we love this Rainbow Monstera one from Jungle Floor.


Automated humidifier

Our favourite indoor plants are often tropical varieties that require a higher humidity level than what we usually get in our dry heated flats and houses. While certainly being warm and dry is important, you can't just treat your Monstera Obliqua with the same dry heat that you would your own skin. The leaves will quickly yellow, and your Calatheas will crisp up!

An Ultrasonic Humidifier, like this one from SpiderFarmer will automatically shut off once you've reached the desired humidity level. It's compact size makes it perfect for a greenhouse or Ikea grow cabinet!

Indoor Plant Care Kit

Now, this is a lovely present idea as you can pretty much mix and match to include all the essentials a plant parent will need in your own kit. Or, you can buy lots of good-quality plant care kits online these days.

Some of our faves and ideas for your kit:



Plant Subscription Box

Give the gift of surprise and variety with a plant subscription box. These monthly deliveries can include everything from rare succulents to trendy air plants, along with care instructions and unique accessories. It's a fantastic way for plant parents to expand their collection and discover new favourites, and is an especially good idea for beginner plant parents or students.

Some plant subscription boxes:

Grow Lights

Help plant parents extend their growing season with the gift of grow lights. Ideal for homes with limited natural light, these specialised bulbs provide the perfect spectrum for plant growth. Grow lights ensure that every leaf gets the light it needs to flourish and they are also a great way to light up your home!

Grow lights can be found here.

Plant-themed Decor

Celebrate their love for plants beyond the pot with plant-themed art and decor, though keep in mind that just because something has a monstera pattern on it, doesn't mean it will be an instant winner. Select items that are likely to appeal for their functionality and beauty.

Consider botanical prints, plant-inspired wall decals, or even custom artwork featuring. It's a thoughtful way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside and add a touch of greenery to their living space.

This lampshade is a luscious design, and we are also fans of this stylish watering can.

For the fun-loving plant parent, these plant animals have practically become a cult product, and we can see why. Easy to gift, ship, and stunning on a budget, they are a fun way to add character to a plant set-up.

Also, we could not help but plug our own stylish Kuutar moss pole planter that cuts an elegant figure. In general, planters are great gifts, but they can be a bit trickier to post! A good addition to a planter present are accessories like these gorgeous Welsh slate indoor plant markers.

Moss Poles

Our moss pole gift kit has just launched in time for Christmas and it's a big one! Perfect for anybody looking to get started with moss poles, it has everything you need to succeed, from the poles and the moss to soil and tall planting pots. 

Plant-themed stationery

This can be a bit much/cliché, but we couldn't not include it on our list! There are so many gorgeous prints and products out there, but try to go for ones that are also practical and will be useful in the long run. A good example are these gorgeous cards from Paperwhale as you can never have too many cards handy! 

Plant-themed books 

There are loads of plant books out there, and it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Glossy coffee table books or miniatures with great photography can satisfy certain aesthetic needs, but detailed plant care advice may be more welcome - depends entirely on the receiver! There are also lots of historic and non-fiction books on botanical history that may interest. This Plantopedia is a good houseplant care guide for beginners, but The Plant Rescuer from Sarah Gerrard-Jones has some more expert guidance. Not Another Jungle is another great comprehensive plant parent read.

Not sure about books? These gorgeous bookmarks might be just the ticket!

This holiday season, show the plant parents in your life that you care with gifts that nurture their passion for greenery. Whether it's practical gadgets, stylish accessories, or thoughtful decor, these presents are sure to bring joy and enhance their plant parenthood journey. Happy gifting!

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