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Kuutar - White - XL Moss Pole Planter - 2 Litre

Kuutar - White - XL Moss Pole Planter - 2 Litre

  • Bio-sourced, renewable PLA
  • Extend as you grow
  • Reusable & bio-degradable
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We've built off our popular moss pole design, solving several of the issues that moss pole enthusiasts face:
- Drainage
- Stability
- Centring of pole
- Moisture control
- Planter weight (for shelves)

What you are getting:
- Planter, 2 litre volume, about 17 cm equivalent (6.5")
- Cache plate, 16 cm diameter

Head on over to the Extensions and Addons section to pick your XL moss pole to match!

This design integrates our existing moss pole design into a lightweight, shelled out planter, giving the moss pole a centred anchor point that will remain perpendicular no matter which way your plant decides to lean. The planter floor is an open mesh hovering over the drainage plate, allowing all the excess water from keeping your pole moist to flow freely into the cache plate; the walls of the planter also have thin slits to speed up drainage that way.

The cache plate is designed to provide a solid base, with 6 rubber feet to improve stability and prevent slipping.

To pot up, simply fill the planter with well draining soil to about 1/3rd of the volume, then place your CLEAN roots in the planter and cover with the remaining soil. Your XL moss pole can then be filled with moist sphagnum moss, and screwed on to the anchor in the planter. It's as simple as that!

If you need further support, read our instructions, or reach out to us.

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Quick Questions

Which size kit do I need for my plant?

Measure the length of the plant you intend to pot up with our moss pole, from the top of the soil to the very tip of its growth. Once you've selected the style of moss pole you want, you should select a length option that covers the measured length, plus 2 additional sections. This will save you having to purchase additional extensions immediately, as you may be surprised how quickly your plant starts to grow once it is given that extra boost.

You may of course always buy additional extensions which can be screwed or snapped on easily, so the main consideration is that you have enough to provide for the near future.

Do I need an XL, L, or D shaped pole, or a planter?

L-Line Moss Pole:

Thin stemmed climbers such as Syngoniums, Hoyas, and Epipremnums are best suited for this line, as the narrower 4 cm diameter will not support large masses of roots, or heavy leaves. The L-Line is a good option to replace bamboo sticks and the like as you can fill its smaller mesh with bark or coco chips as a substrate. This product is also ideal for nursery setups, when you want to train your plant to climb from the very start.

XL-Line Moss Pole:

The workhorse of our product line, you can have practically any plant make its home in this rigid, large 6 cm diameter moss pole. Our customers have planted Monsteras, Philodendrons, Syngoniums, Epipremnums, and many more varieties on this sturdy trellis. When you need your moss pole to extend longer than a person is tall, this is the line to choose. It also carries the advantage of being compatible with our line of moss pole integrated planters, so you are easily able to transfer your rooted stem to a centred and supported planter.

D-Shaped Moss Poles:

With its large volume of moss, and single open face, this moss pole is perfect for large plants with showy leaves. The Monstera Dubia, Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma, Monstera Deliciosa (and its beautiful variegations), and many others will thrive in the rich environment provided. As a large portion of the pole is fully enclosed, the moss dehydrates at a much slower rate than the cylinder models, making this the favourite option for lower maintenance plant parents. This line is also a favourite for propagators, as the flat mesh can be easily clipped open to release rooted cuttings, while still preserving its function.

What can I fill my moss pole with, and which soil do I use?

You can fill your moss pole with cleaned and hydrated sphagnum moss (our fave), moss sheet, or hemp fibre.

To fill your pot or planter, you can use your favourite soil mix, one best suited to the plant you are potting. We have used a mixture of regular potting soil, perlite, bark, and clay balls (Leca). The important factor to consider is the additional moisture that will be dripping into your plant with the frequent watering of the pole. A well draining soil mix, and a pot that allows the excess water to be removed, are essential.

How does a moss pole help my plant?

Moss poles mimic the plant's natural environment!

A lot of climbing plants like Monsteras and Philodendrons thrive in humid jungle environments where they climb up wet, mossy trees. Using a moss pole helps the plants thrive and grown in an environment that comes naturally to them.

Moss retains moisture for a good length of time, giving your plants a moist and humid surface onto which they can easily project aerial roots. Essentially the moss pole gives them something to climb up, and at the same time, provides essential moisture and nutrients via the moss.

Moss poles can make your plants grow bigger, faster!

A trailing plant can be turned around, attached to a moss pole, and as it climbs, it suddenly matures and develops. This is because some plants thrive more when they are given the opportunity to climb. Hanging can drag down the plant's leaves and roots, causing it to put out smaller leaves.

A moss pole will support your plant as it grows.

Moss poles encourage root and leaf growth!

A moss pole will help your plant thrive and put out bigger, better leaves.

Moss poles encourage aerial roots to form. By adding lots of new root points to the plant, the moss pole will encourage the plant to mature and develop, and push out bigger and better leaves. A moss pole, when watered and correctly used, is a great way to get your plants to grow in a way that does not involve artificial fertilisers.

I have another question?

Take a look at our FAQ for more details, or drop us a note and we'd be happy to help!

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  • 100% renewable, bio-sourced PLA

    All our moss poles are made of PLA, a 100% bio-sourced plastic made of renewable resources such as corn or sugar cane. PLA is also biodegradable and it can be composted.