How to attach a Monstera to a moss pole

How to attach a Monstera to a moss pole

Got a moss pole and not sure how to attach your Monstera to it? We’ve got the perfect guide for you! To properly attach your Monstera to a moss pole, follow our guide covering some essential steps and techniques.


Depends on the type of moss pole you are using

How you are attaching your Monstera plant to a moss pole will have slight nuances, depending on whether you are using a coco coir pole, or a sphagnum moss one. We have included advice for both below, as this will probably roughly cover all the moss pole types out there.

Regardless of what kind of moss pole you have, keep in mind the following:

  • Be patient: do not rush your plant. What you are doing is actually "training" your Monstera to find the moss pole itself and climb up it independently!
  • Time will tell whether your plant takes to the moss pole, so let it "do its thing" without disturbing it for awhile.
  • Get the right moss pole size for your plant so that the plant is not dwarfed or swamped.

Position as well as attach

If you are using a coco coir pole, you can attach the plant using string, wire, or velcro, encouraging it to climb up the pole. But you should only do this very lightly, not tugging or snagging the plant. You will want to position the moss pole in such a way that it is well angled towards any new growth and leaves.

If you have a proper sphagnum moss pole (a real moss pole), then you can use some soft velcro (more details on that below). The same advice re positioning applies: you want to get the moss pole as central as possible, or then you can position it to the side where any new growth is happening.

Our method: attach the Monstera using green tape (velcro)


As explained in our moss pole blog here, we like to attach our Monsteras using small strips of green gardening tape. This tape is a hook and loop material similar to velcro and it is super soft on the plants.

We like this method as it's fully flexible and adjustable, and the gardening tape is relatively inexpensive and much softer on stems than wire or rope.

The tape comes off as soon as the plant has latched on, but sometimes your plant needs that extra push to bring the nodes close to the moss, encouraging the aerial roots to sprout.

You may need to do nothing

With smaller Monsteras, you may not have to really "attach" the plant to the moss pole at all. In the picture above, you can see that we have only gently taped the stem to the bottom of the moss pole at the soil line.

Larger Monsteras with multiple stems may require more velcro and positioning, but we don't recommend dragging your plant into complex shapes.

The attaching will happen with time

Monsteras love moss poles and will grow aerial roots that will grow into your moss pole (happens with sphagnum moss a lot faster). So with time, your Monstera plant will become more surely attached and enmeshed with the moss pole, and you won't have to do anything. 

Secure the moss pole

One of the other benefits of using moss poles is that they provide climbing and vertical support for your plants. Another way to ensure your Monstera latches onto the moss pole and forms a secure attachment, is to ensure the pole itself is secure and upright.



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