XL moss pole in Honeycomb yellow with sphagnum moss

What are the different kinds of moss poles?

Moss poles are a popular way to support and encourage the growth of climbing plants - here is our handy guide on what the top moss pole benefits are. When shopping for a moss pole, it can be confusing to get to grips with all the different kinds and shapes out there. 

There are several different kinds of moss poles available to buy, here is a quick rundown of them all:

Sphagnum moss pole

This is the most common type of moss pole. It consists of a pole that is covered with live sphagnum moss, which helps to hold moisture and provide a good environment for roots to develop.

The moss poles we create fall under this category, though in our case our modular moss poles are filled with moss, and you can use any type of moss you like. We have poles that are shaped like totems, as well as a D-shaped cylindrical one that works like a moss plank.

XL and D shaped moss poles with varied plants

Our moss poles are extendable by 25cm and 30cm sections.

What is sphagnum moss and how does it compare to peat moss? Well, technically they are the same plant. You should consider how you source your moss carefully.

D shaped yellow moss pole being filled with moss

D shaped yellow moss pole being filled with moss.

Coco coir pole

This type of moss pole is made from compressed coconut fiber. It is often used as an alternative to sphagnum moss because it can be more sustainable, but it does not have the same benefits. This is probably the image you have in mind when you think of basic plant moss poles and stakes.

Kokedama moss pole made of coco coir hanging with a plant

Kokedama round moss pole Japanese-style filled with coco coir.

Bamboo pole

A bamboo pole can be used as a moss pole by attaching pieces of moss to it with wire or string. This type of pole is durable and can last for several years.

Wire mesh pole

A wire mesh pole is made by wrapping a wire mesh around a PVC or bamboo pole. This type of pole provides good support for climbing plants and can be covered with moss or other materials. This is similar to the moss poles we create, but we use PLA instead of wire mesh. (More about our materials here).

DIY moss pole

You can also make your own moss pole using a PVC or bamboo pole and wrapping it with sphagnum moss or other materials. This is a great option if you want to customise the size and shape of your pole. Our modular approach to moss poles also allows you to build your ideal shape and size pole, plus we offer loads of colours too!

What to consider when buying moss poles?

Overall, the type of moss pole you choose will depend on a range of factors:

  • your personal preference
  • the type of plant you are growing
  • the environment in which it will be placed
  • the aesthetic look and feel you are trying to achieve
  • longevity or your set-up.


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