Meet Kuutar - our Finnish Moon Goddess Planter

Meet Kuutar - our Finnish Moon Goddess Planter

The story behind its name

Meet Kuutar: our gorgeous Nordic inspired planter design. Kuutar (moon goddess in Finnish) evokes the magical glow of moonlight on fresh snow.

We love Kuutar and we’ve really enjoyed bringing our Nordic aesthetic to this one. Our founder and lead design engineer was educated in Finland and our marketing is headed up by a Finn as well, so it’s a design language we’re excited to share with our global community. 

Of course we can customise this planter to one of our many colours if you so choose, but we think it looks pretty rad in this pearlescent white.

Moss pole planter features

We created this planter in order to give your moss pole the perfect environment to thrive (and your plants of course).

We've built off our popular moss pole design, solving several of the issues that moss pole enthusiasts face:

  • Drainage
  • Stability
  • Centring of pole
  • Moisture control
  • Planter weight (for shelves).

This design integrates our existing moss pole design into a shelled out planter, which is made of light-weight and bio-sourced and compostable plastic, giving the moss pole a centred anchor point that will remain perpendicular no matter which way your plant decides to lean. The planter floor is an open mesh hovering over the drainage plate, allowing all the excess water from keeping your pole moist to flow freely into the plate; the walls of the planter also have thin slits to speed up drainage that way.

The plate is designed to provide a solid base, with 6 rubber feet to improve stability and prevent slipping.


Planter dimensions and details

The inner dimensions of the plant pot are 15 cm diameter (6"), 14 cm height (5.5"), and it holds about 2 litres or half a gallon of substrate.

What you are getting when you order Kuutar from us:


  • Planter
  • Plate
  • 2 pcs of 25 cm tall, 6 cm diameter, moss pole extension
  • Watering cap, to assist is keeping the moss moist

How to use our moss pole planter

To pot up, simply fill the planter with well draining soil to about a third of its volume, then place your CLEAN roots in the planter and cover with the remaining soil. Your moss pole can then be filled with moist sphagnum moss, and screwed on to the anchor in the planter. It's as simple as that!

The floor of the planter also has an anchor point for a cotton rope which could be used as a wick to pull the excess water from the plate up into the moss.

If you need further support, please read our instructions, or reach out to us!


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