image of Mythos 3Design moss pole zoomed in: white moss pole, pink princess plant

What does a moss pole do - top reasons to try them

Wondering whether it's worth investing in a moss pole?

From faster plant growth to better, healthier foliage and bigger leaves, there are many reasons why moss poles are a good idea for indoor plant enthusiasts. In fact, they are a great way to "hack" your plant parenting journey and get more rewarding plants. 

Albo plant on white M3D moss pole

Here are our top 3 reasons to use moss poles for indoor plant parents, and how they can support your plants in their growth journeys...

Monstera deliciosa growing on a tree

Moss poles mimic a plant's natural environment

A lot of climbing plants like Monsteras and Philodendrons thrive in humid jungle environments where they climb up wet, mossy trees. Using a moss pole helps the plants thrive and grown in an environment that comes naturally to them.

Tropical plants growing on a tree

Moss retains moisture for a good length of time, giving your plants a moist and humid surface onto which they can easily project aerial roots. Essentially the moss pole gives them something to climb up, and at the same time, provides essential moisture and nutrients via the moss.

M3D Moss poles and indoor plants


Moss poles can make your plants grow bigger, faster

A trailing plant can be turned around, attached to a moss pole, and as it climbs, it suddenly matures and develops. This is because some plants thrive more when they are given the opportunity to climb. Hanging can drag down the plant's leaves and roots, causing it to put out smaller leaves. 

A moss pole will support your plant as it grows (and our modular ones are designed to be stacked and extended). The support a moss pole provides will encourage the plant to grow.

Black sphagnum moss pole and roots

Moss poles encourage root and leaf growth

A moss pole will help your plant thrive and put out bigger, better leaves.

Moss poles encourage aerial roots to form. By adding lots of new root points to the plant, the moss pole will encourage the plant to mature and develop, and push out bigger and better leaves. A moss pole, when watered and correctly used, is a great way to get your plants to grow in a way that does not involve artificial fertilisers etc.


Philo on yellow M3D moss pole

We are probably biased, but moss poles can also be great aesthetically! Matching moss pole colours to your plants is a fun way to personalise your indoor garden and bring your sense of personality  


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