Why we are always improving our moss pole designs

Why we are always improving our moss pole designs

Designing a product is not a one-and-done process. Even simple changes in design can make a product more or less robust, cheaper or more expensive to produce, or improve or impede its overall functionality or appeal.

We have already gone through numerous iterations of our moss pole and planter products, and here are some reasons why this approach works for us and our customers...

Making our product better, one step at a time

Sometimes a small tweak is all that is needed to take a product to the next level. Testing and actually using our products ourselves gives us lots of tangible ideas on how to make this happen. One great example of this is our recently re-designed pot base that fits our XL moss poles.

Left=old design, right=new design

Not fully satisfied with the design of our unique pot base (the bit that gets buried in the soil and uses the weight of soil and plant to keep the moss pole upright), some design tweaking was done with the following results:

  • 29% less material used
  • 22% reduction is manufacturing time
  • Important increase in volume allowed for soil
  • Removes fiddly clean-up step

All this without sacrificing rigidity or print quality (it has actually improved)!

This is a great example of how tweaking a product can make it easier to manufacture, and also improve functionality.

Product development mindset

At Mythos 3Design, we take product development seriously. Our plant products are not just randomly put together, but the outcome of a considered design and development process.

The mindset of product development means constantly embracing opportunities to improve our products. The result? By having an open mind to where we see our products going, we end up with a wide range of products and options for our customers!

A new product that was result of experimenting and improving our planter design: the 2L Kuutar plant pot.

Adding value

Last, but not least, improving our moss pole designs and coming up with new ones means that we can constantly up our game. These product improvements are something we can then pass on to our customers and loyal supporters! 

By experimenting and testing out new methods and designs, we keep our product family fresh.

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