M3D Holiday shopping Guide - plant parent gifts from us

M3D Holiday shopping Guide - plant parent gifts from us

Are you ready to spread some holiday cheer to the plant lovers in your life? Look no further! Our store has a wide range of products that will make any plant enthusiast jump for joy. From our moss poles in sizes L, XL, and XXL, to our plant pro gift set, we have something for everyone. Let's dive into the details and go through some of our top gift picks for indoor jungle pros and beginners alike. 

Moss Poles: Taking Plants to New Heights

Our moss poles are not your average plant support system. They are like the natural scaffolds of the plant world, providing much-needed support for your climbing plants, whilst also providing nutrients and hydration.

With sizes ranging from L to XXL, our moss poles can accommodate plants of all sizes. Getting a M3D moss pole is like giving plants a stylish accessory that will also help them grow. Plus, we make all our designs modular and easy to put together.

Olive Green XL pole kit: our best-selling colour is a crowd-pleaser and a safe choice for most plant parents, compatible with popular climbing plants, such as Monsteras and Philodendrons.

Plant Pro Gift Set: Everything a Plant Parent Needs

Calling all plant parents! Our plant pro gift set is a game-changer. It's like a toolbox for plant lovers, equipped with all the essentials to get anybody started with moss poles. This gift box is a great option when you want something curated and of a high-quality. Your plant-loving friends will thank you for this thoughtful and practical gift.

Moss Pole Planters: The Perfect Home for Climbing Plants

Flutes planter in Pine Green with a wooden plate.

Give your climbing plants a cozy home with our moss pole planters. These planters are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. They provide a stable base for your plants to grow and thrive by combining a planter, a drainage plate, and a moss pole base, where you can screw in your XL (or now XXL as well) moss pole.

Plus, they add a touch of elegant charm to any space, especially our mega-stylish Kuutar planter pictured below.

Koto Moss Habitat: Where Moss Becomes Art

Standing Koto 28

Introducing our Koto moss habitat: a unique and captivating addition to any plant lover's collection. The Koto moss habitat is the perfect gift for those who want a versatile and unique way to display their plants.

A light yet sturdy design, this moss cage will come together with just a twist. Koto works as a bookshelf or desk picture-frame-like display, a stunning plant centrepiece for a coffee table, or hanging on your wall as a truly unique piece of plant art.

The Barbara

A spinoff of our flagship D-Shaped Moss Pole, the Barbara boasts an artist-designed open face trellis, with an enclosed clear semi-circular back (half-moon). This best-selling Monstera trellis is a beautiful and practical plant lover gift.

So there you have it, folks! Our products are the ultimate holiday gifts for plant lovers. Whether it's our moss poles, plant pro gift set, moss pole planters, or Koto moss habitat, you can't go wrong. These gifts will bring joy, style, and functionality to any plant enthusiast's life.

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