The ultimate gift guide for plant parents

The ultimate gift guide for plant parents

In a world where plants are increasingly a way of life, plant parents are notoriously keen to invest in their plant hobby. If you have a friend or family member who has turned their living space into a thriving jungle, why not celebrate their interest with a thoughtful gift that acknowledges their planty passion?

In this guide, we'll explore the best gifts for plant parents that will not only complement their botanical haven, but also match their style and personality.

If you are looking for gifts for a holiday season, check out our seasonal plant gift guide.

Classic plant parent gifts

These gift ideas are perfect for plant lovers who have a classic, elegant style. This is for those cases when you may need to play it safe.

Stylish planters

Plant parents are always on the lookout for unique and aesthetically pleasing planters to showcase their green friends. Consider gifting them a set of stylish ceramic or handmade plant pots that will not only enhance the beauty of their plants but also add a touch of personality to their home.

We also sell a planter, Kuutar, that would probably please most picky plant parents – a good option if you think they will appreciate a moss pole as well.

There are so many planter options out there for a range of budgets: these Elho ones have been everywhere recently. Colour matching planters is very important, so favour neutrals and organic tones if you don’t have a clear idea of their planterior.

Plant subscription boxes

Surprise your plant-loving friend with the gift that keeps on giving – a monthly plant subscription box. These boxes often include a variety of plants, along with care instructions and sometimes even decorative pots. It's a delightful way for plant parents to expand their botanical collection.

If they are a bonafide botanical pro, you may want to opt for a specialist subscription kit, or rather than plants, get them a subscription for other practical plant things such as plant tools or substrate.

Specialised plant care tools

Help your plant parent friend tend to their leafy companions with specialised plant care tools. Consider gifting them a high-quality watering can, a stylish mister, or a set of pruning shears designed for indoor plants. These tools not only make plant care more efficient but also add a touch of sophistication to the process.

Plant care ideas:

  • Potting mat
  • Stylish watering can
  • Plant misting bottle
  • Plant cleaning mitts
  • Propagation kits or stations – these are very popular, especially ones that look like test tubes. Top tip for plant parents: lots of IKEA products can be made into ­plant accessories (such as mini-indoor greenhouses) with a bit of imagination.
  • Moisture and light meters

If you can’t decide, or don’t know what is good, get them a plant care gift card from a reputable indoor plant brand. This way, they can get exactly what you want. Remember, gardening encompasses lots of different phases, and some of them are not always glamorous. You want to gift items that are robust and functional, as well as aesthetic. Some retailers are capitalising on the “plant parent trend” and putting out houseplant products that are not up to scratch. Buy from reputable plant retailers – many plant shops offer great plant care too.

Non-toxic plant sprays and plant food

Keeping plants happy can be a full-time job. Non-toxic plant sprays and plant food offer a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to nurturing your garden, promoting plant health, and warding off pests. These sprays and foods prioritise the well-being of your plants while minimising harm to the environment, insects, pets, and even human health. Look for ingredients such as neem oil for insecticides, or bananas and molasses for fertilisers. Why not get a non-toxic plant care kit?

Plant lights

Practical, full-spectrum plant LED lights are always a winner. Plant lights, also known as grow lights, are crucial for indoor gardens because they serve as a substitute for natural sunlight, providing the necessary light energy for plants to carry out photosynthesis. It might be tricky to know exactly what to get, but reputable plant retailers will be able to help you decide which LED lights to get.

Grow Light above a Monstera Thai

Some plant parents will want to steer away from the popular "grower" plant lights that shine a shade of purple, and would rather something that looks pleasant while providing the same boost to growth.

Creative plant parent gifts

These are for the creative and botanical free spirits who appreciate making things with their own hands.

Botanical art prints

Elevate their plant-filled space with botanical art prints. Choose artwork featuring their favourite plants or opt for a set that celebrates the diversity of flora. There are loads of historic botanical prints around that make for a stylish and quirky poster. You can also get lots of modernist and neon-coloured prints too, so choose one that chimes with their personality.

If an art print seems too much, there are loads of greetings cards and notebooks out there that bring the beauty of plants to life. Even small items like bookmarks adorned with Monstera leaves can bring a smile to their face.

DIY projects 

Sometimes it can be fun to try something new so, give them the gift of plant DIY in the form of kits and new green-fingered projects to dig into.

Terrarium kits

Terrarium making can be incredibly therapeutic: gift someone the ability to create their own little perfect world inside a terrarium globe. There are some high-quality kits out there, or you can also gift them terrarium making workshops - also a great way to meet people!

Air plant kits

Air plants were all the rage a few years ago, but they are deservedly popular. Quirky and unique, air plants may be something your plant lover has yet to experience. These plants work well with quirky and creative displays.

Plant macrame hanger kits

Macrame is a popular method of making plant hangers, and there are loads of high-quality kits out there that will enable your plant lover to display their hoya, pothos, fern etc. This is a great present idea for crafty people.

Adventurous plant parent gifts

Kokedama moss ball

A Kokedama moss ball, originating from Japan, is a unique and artistic way of presenting and growing plants. The term "Kokedama" translates to "moss ball" in Japanese. Instead of being potted in a traditional container, the plant's roots are encased in a ball of soil, covered with moss, and often bound with string. This technique creates a visually striking and self-contained display. You can buy them online, at plant shops, or as part of workshops. A truly stunning way to make the most of moss.

Plant workshops or classes

For your adventurous plant lover, not just any old workshop will do. Select something unusual to help them get into a new area of indoor gardening. Whether it's a hybrid crossover workshop, or just a really niche specialist one (bonsai comes to mind), this is guaranteed to make them feel appreciated.

Stylish plant parent gifts

Cute plant merch

Not all plant parents want to wear their love for indoor plants on their sleeves, but for some, plant-themes hoodies, socks etc. are the perfect gifts!

This “Plants and Early Nights” sweatshirt is a good example of a stylish bit of plant merch. Just reaching for the novelty socks may not cut it, so focus on getting quality materials and designs instead. 

Elegant plant homeware

You don’t want to get anything too "token plant parent", but at the same time, why not get a Monstera leaf coaster if you think it will please? Try to shop around on social media first to get some ideas from actual plant enthusiasts to get a feel for the sorts of colours, materials, and textures that tend to work. Plant display units can be a costly investment, but some sort of holder or plant display is a guaranteed winner for every proud plant parent.

Beginner-friendly plant parent gifts

Has someone in your life just recently got into plants in a big way? Here are some gifts to help them enjoy their latest passion to the max.

Moss pole gift set

We have recently developed a moss pole gift set that is perfect for aspiring plant parent pros (especially ones who have fallen in love with the enigmatic Monstera). Our gift set comes with everything you need, including soil, moss, pots, and most of all, useful instructions. We also made a blog of other gifts from our collection if you think moss poles are something they are likely to get excited about.


As well as very specialized or advanced classes, beginner workshops are offered, and can be the perfect starter for someone just dipping their toes into the green world. Give the gift of knowledge and experience by enrolling your plant parent friend in a plant care workshop or class. Whether it's a class on propagating succulents or a workshop on creating a terrarium, these experiences can be both educational and enjoyable.

Personalised plant markers

Help your plant parent keep track of their growing family with personalised plant markers. Whether made from wood, ceramic, or engraved metal, these markers add a personal touch to their plant collection and help make plant care more organised. Maybe even make them yourself, for that personal touch!

Plant books

There are loads of plants books to choose from these days! Plantopedia is a good houseplant care guide for beginners, whereas The Plant Rescuer from Sarah Gerrard-Jones includes more expert guidance. Not Another Jungle is another book that comes highly recommended by plant parents.

Gift cards to a local plant shop

Support your local plant shop! A gift card to the local plant shop is perfect, as it will spur your burgeoning gardener to step out and get into the plant shopping mood, not that it takes much for some of us. Plant shops are often a fount of plant knowledge, and sometimes they even run workshops too. This is a great idea when someone is moving to a new area: scouting out the best and closest plant shop in advance is a sweet and thoughtful gesture.

Choosing the perfect gift for a plant parent doesn't have to be a challenge. By selecting thoughtful items that enhance their plant-filled lifestyle, you're not only celebrating their love for greenery but also contributing to the beauty and vibrancy of their botanical haven. Whether it's stylish planters, educational resources, or practical tools, these gifts are sure to make any plant parent's heart bloom with joy.


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